Best MT4 Demo Accounts

Compare MT4 demo accounts with up to $100,000 in virtual funds. Open an account online in minutes to get started.

Advantages of a demo account

If you're new to Forex, a demo account will help you learn to trade, without putting your capital at risk. Hone your skills and gain confidence in your abilities in your own time. If you're looking for learning material, check our trading books section for free PDFs that touch on technical analysis, fundamental analysis and trading psychology.

And if you're an experienced trader, a demo account could help you test a new trading strategy with virtual money. However, we'd like to call out that you could use MetaTrader 4's built-in Strategy Tester to assess and optimise Expert Advisors against historical data, without having to open a demo account.

Last but not least, you could use a demo account to test-drive your future broker's platform before making your first deposit. All the brokers featured in this article provide the same features in their demo account, as they do in their real-money account.

Disadvantages of a demo account

Demo accounts are simulations, no matter how closely they aim to replicate live trading conditions. You're unlikely to ever experience price quirks such as gapping or slippage in a demo environment. Yet these often make trading significantly more challenging.

Importantly, a demo account will remove emotions of fear and greed that you'll experience when trading with real money. Yet, these emotions can often get in the way of successful trades, by prompting you to exit loss-making positions early, or chase assets whose price has risen too far, too fast. That's why some traders recommend learning to trade with a real-money account, even if this means trading small sizes initially.