ECN Demo Accounts

Compare ECN demo accounts with balances up to US$ 5 million. Test drive platforms and strategies before trading real money.

How to use your demo account

A demo account is smart way to test a new broker. You'll get a feel for the broker's professionalism and turnaround times within days of opening your account.

We suggest opening demo accounts with several brokers and executing identical trades over a number of days to get a read on spreads and/or commissions. Compare them against your current broker and between one another to see who you the best value for money.

Likewise, a demo account is a good way to test a new trading platform. Look out for charting capabilities, ways to customize your experience and manage your risks. Click the 'Platforms' tab above our comparison table for a list of the platforms by broker. You'll find that most ECN brokers in our panel support MT4.

What a demo cannot do for you

However, there is one thing that ECN demo accounts cannot emulate: liquidity. Slippage is part and parcel of ECN trading because you rely on other market participants to hit your orders. The greater the number of participants, the deeper the liquidity and the easier it becomes to trade in and out.

To get a view on liquidity, ask your broker about his liquidity providers. The more liquidity providers he works with and the stronger their balance sheet, the stronger the execution.