AvaTrade Offshore Trading Account

Let me show you how to leverage up to 400 times with AvaTrade, even if you live in a country where leverage is capped. Stay with us, whether you’re a new or an existing customer.

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Maximum Leverage by Asset Class

AvaTrade is overseen by 8 different regulators, including one in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), a sunny tax haven in the Caribbean.

If you're looking for a high leverage account, you'll need to open an account with AvaTrade's BVI entity. With a trading account in the BVI, you can leverage up to 400 times on Forex, 25 times on cryptocurrencies, 200 times on commodities and 200 times on stock market indices, like the S&P or the Nasdaq.

The following table provides a side-by-side comparison of leverage available from AvaTrade's BVI and European entities, by asset class. Notice how low leverage is in the EU.

Asset class Max. leverage in the BVI Max. leverage in Europe
Forex 1:400 1:30
Stocks 1:10 1:5
ETFs 1:20 1:5
Indices 1:200 1:20
Commodities 1:200 1:20
Crypto-currencies 1:25 1:2
Bonds 1:20 1:5
Options (Gold and Forex) 1:100 1:30

Please note that the maximum available leverage may be lower across certain instruments. As leverage is flexible on AvaTrade's platform, you may also adjust it to your liking, or use none at all if you prefer - the choice is yours.

BVI Account Opening Steps

Now, the good news is that you don’t need to live in the BVI to open an account there. Follow this link to go straight through to the BVI account opening page on AvaTrade's website. You'll know you're registering with the BVI-entity when the word "Global" appears at the top of the page. That's because AvaTrade's BVI entity serves customers globally.

But if you're already an AvaTrade customer, unfortunately you'll need to open a new account under a different email address. You won't be in a position to transfer your existing account from one regulator to another.

Trading Platforms

AvaTrade supports both MetaTrader 4 and 5, two of the world's leading retail trading platforms. Both platforms allow you to write automated trading scripts, known as Expert Advisors. AvaTrade supports all such Expert Advisors, except those with a focus on arbitrage.

MT5 is a state-of-the-art, multi-functional platform that boasts advanced auto-trading systems, technical tools and supports copy trading. MetaTrader 5 is designed to accommodate advanced trading across a wider selection of asset classes than its predecessor, MT4.

And if you're into options, you can trade them on currency pairs and gold through Ava Options, a separate platform.

Account Types

AvaTrade offers one account for all investors, from a low US$ 100 first-time deposit.

If you live in the EU and qualify as a Professional Investor, you can enjoy a high leverage account in the EU (without having to open an account with AvaTrade's BVI entity). However, you'll lose certain protection available to European investors. More information is available on https://trustedbrokers.com/us/visit/avatrade/.

AvaTrade's trading account is also available in Islamic format, for Muslim investors. This account has no rollover fees on positions that you keep open overnight, thereby eliminating interest on amounts borrowed. However, AvaTrade won't allow you to keep your positions open for more than 5 days. For this reason, its Islamic trading account is best suited for day traders.

Investor Protection

AvaTrade has been in business since 2006, and is overseen by 8 regulators in Europe, Australia, the UAE and abroad.

AvaTrade will keep your money in segregated accounts, separate from its own funds, even if you open an account in the BVI.

You'll also enjoy negative balance protection if you open an account in the BVI. This means that you cannot lose more money than you deposit.

However, your eligibility to access an investor compensation fund, in the event that AvaTrade goes bankrupt, will depend on the AvaTrade entity you open an account with. If you open an account with AvaTrade's EU-regulated entity, you’ll be covered by Ireland's investor compensation fund. However, no such fund currently exists in the BVI.