Best Corporate Forex Trading Accounts

A handful of brokers will allow you to open a Forex trading account in your company's name. We've reviewed their accounts below, and listed the KYC documents they'll need.

Corporate account opening tips

Most brokers' account registration forms aren't designed for corporates, even when they allow businesses to open an account. Please enter your company's name instead of your own when opening a corporate account. For example, enter "Company" as the first name, and "Ltd" as the second name if your company is named "Company Ltd", otherwise you risk opening a personal account by mistake.

KYC documents

The documents you'll need to provide will vary from broker to broker. However, we've found that most brokers will require the following documents to process your application:

  • Proof of identity and proof of residence (e.g. a bank statement or a utility bill) for each director and beneficial owner (owning 25% or more of the shares in the company); and
  • Certificate of incorporation displaying the company name, its registration number and incorporation date; and
  • Company extract or memorandum and articles of association showing the company name, its registration number, its registered address as well as all the directors and owners.

Please note that if the company's beneficial owner is another entity, your chosen broker's account opening department may attempt to work through the complete corporate structure, until they are able to identify all directors and beneficial owners.