Forex Brokers that Accept Tether (USDT)

Use Tether (USDT) for deposits and withdrawals to your trading account with one of the following Forex brokers.

Tether (USDT), the world's leading stablecoin, is supported by an increasing number of Forex and CFD brokers, looking to provide their customers with more deposit and withdrawal options. Let's briefly discuss the pros and cons of funding your account with Tether.

Advantages of funding your account with Tether

Speed: crypto-currency payments are notoriously fast, and Tether transactions even more so. Your deposit could reach your online trading account within minutes. This is also as fast as using a debit or credit card, and significantly faster than using a bank transfer.

Cost: Tether charges no transaction fees between Tether wallets, however, standard blockchain fees will apply when you make your payment. These fees reward those who maintain the blockchain for validating and enabling your transaction. These fees are just 0.8 USDT over the Tron (TRC20), Tezos, Solana and Polygon networks. Importantly, these fees are fixed regardless of your transaction's size.

Privacy: crypto-currency transactions aren't anonymous, as your transaction and wallet address will be recorded in a public ledger. However, they generally are more private than bank transfers or card payments, and can make it easier to evade national borders and state-imposed capital controls.

Disadvantages of funding your account with Tether

Finality: blockchain transactions are immutable and irreversible. This is both as strength and weakness, as any mistakes cannot be corrected. Before making a Tether deposit or withdrawal, please take time to check both your broker's wallet address and network. Tether payments sent over the wrong network will be forever lost. If in doubt, reach out to your broker's customer support, or make a small payment to verify that everything works as expected.