Best Forex Demo Accounts

Compare Forex demo accounts up to $100,000 with no time limit. Practice before you pay.

A Forex demo account allows you to trade Forex in real market conditions without putting your capital at risk.

Is a practice account right for you?

A demo account can work for beginners and more experienced traders alike, albeit for different reasons:

  • If you're new to currency trading, a demo account is an opportunity to learn Forex trading at your pace without committing yourself financially or emotionally.
  • Practice a new trading strategy until you've got the confidence to go live. Some trading strategies such as scalping require speed, stamina and self discipline. You'll want to choose a demo with 5 decimal pricing, depth of market information and fine tune your strategy until you're ready to go.
  • Last but not least, a practice account is a chance to test-drive a trading platform's charting features before opening a live account.

How to choose a Forex demo account

If you're planning on opening a demo account, we suggest asking your broker the following questions:

  • How big is the account? The larger the account, the longer you can trade and the greater the positions you can open all else being equal. If possible, choose a large demo account to avoid being interrupted in the middle of a trade.
  • How long does the account last? It's a good idea to choose a practice account with no time limit to avoid being rushed into trading if don't feel ready.
  • Are all platform features available? It's important to remember that some demo trading platforms have some features disabled. Prices could be delayed or order types limited. If in doubt, ask your account manager for confirmation.