FxPro Demo Account

Practice like a pro with FxPro's demo account. Here's how to open a virtual account with a $100,000 balance today.

How to create an FxPro demo account

  • Step 1: create an account on FxPro.com, or login to your account.
  • Step 2: request to open a demo account from the "Accounts" page.
  • Step 3: FxPro will automatically credit your demo account with a $100,000 balance, or an equivalent amount in any of the 8 account base currencies it supports.

FxPro will also create a live trading account for you at that time. However, your live account on FxPro.com will remain inactive until you verify your identify and fund your account. You do not need to verify your identity or make a deposit until you are ready to trade.

Reasons to use FxPro's demo account

Learn to trade, or test new trading strategies, through FxPro's demo account. Get real-time prices across thousands of financial instruments, spanning currencies, stocks, indices and metals. This is possible across the full range of trading platforms that FxPro supports, namely MetaTrader 4, 5 and cTrader.

FxPro's trading account comes with a wealth of educational content in the form of trading signals, news coverage and an economic calendar. Its MetaTrader 4 and 5 platforms embed trading signals from Trading Central through a plugin. These resources are also available to you through its demo account.

Reasons not to use a demo account

While demo accounts aim to replicate real market conditions and prices, they are simulations and cannot perfectly reflect all market conditions, especially when markets are volatile or illiquid. For example, the markets could behave at open or around major news announcements in ways that a demo account cannot match.

Furthermore, the margin and leverage settings in FxPro's demo account may differ from that available in its live trading account. For this reason, it's generally a good idea to learn to trade with a real-money account, even if this means starting with smaller position sizes.


What is FxPro's demo account?

Think of FxPro's demo account as a trading simulation. It's an opportunity to explore FxPro's platform and trade the markets with virtual funds, without putting your capital at risk.

How do I add funds to my FxPro demo account?

FxPro will automatically credit your demo account with a $100,000 balance, or an equivalent amount in any of the 8 account base currencies it supports. No action is required on your behalf.

How long is FxPro's demo account available for?

Your FxPro demo account will remain open for 180 days. However, you may open as many demo accounts as you want. Visit FxPro.com to get started.

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