Top 3 Face Mask Manufacturers

The spread of the coronavirus has opened up new opportunities for manufacturers of medical masks, as demand for flu masks far outstrips supply. Open an account in minutes and buy shares or CFDs in the top 3 U.S. face mask manufacturers.

Top 3 listed suppliers of medical masks

#1. 3M Company (MMM)

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The 3M Company is an American conglomerate operating in the fields of industry, worker safety, health care, and consumer goods. Best known as the maker of Scotch sticky tape and Post-It notes, 3M (MMM) is also one of the largest producers of N95 respirators, the type of mask that more efficiently protects people against the virus than ordinary medical masks.

On Saturday 29th February 2020, Mike Pence, the Vice President of the USA, announced that an agreement has been reached with 3M to provide a constant supply of masks for use by health workers. These include N95 and P100 respirators.

On a related noted, the Department of Health and Human Services said that the U.S. currently has a stockpile of approximately 30 million N95 masks, but needs nearly 300 million to stem the spread of the coronavirus outbreak.

#2. Honeywell International Inc.

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Honeywell is an American conglomerate headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. It produces consumer and commercial products and services with a focus on safety, such as head-to-toe protective equipment as well as gas and flame detection devices. Honeywell produces a wide range of masks, including single-use moulded masks, N95 and P100 respirators.

#3. Kimberly-Clark Corporation

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Kimberly-Clark is an American multinational producer and seller of personal care and consumer hygiene products. These include Kleenex facial tissues, Scott paper towels and Tecnol face masks. Tecnol spans a wide range of face masks, from disposable medical masks to N95 and P100 reusable respirators.

Are all masks the same?

Dust masks

Painters' masks or dust masks are ineffective at protecting against illness, as they are designed to block larger particles than viruses from entering the nose and mouth.

N95 particulate respirators

N95 surgical masks are also known as particulate respirators because they filter out 95% of small particles. When they are properly fitted, N95s seal the area around the face completely but also make breathing more of an effort. They require training and fit tests, and for this reason are best suited for medical professionals, rather than the general public.

P100 particulate respirators

A P100 rating is the highest for personal respiratory protection. As long as your mask fits properly a P100 filter will block 99.9% of particles of 0.3 microns or larger. This is why the U.S. Center for Disease Control recommends N95 or P100 filters for first responders exposed to an airborne disease.


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