Gold to Silver Ratio Chart

View the current and historical gold to silver ratio chart with our live chart from 1966 to present.

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How to Calculate the Gold Silver Ratio

The Gold to Silver ratio relates the price of gold to the price of silver. At the time of writing, the gold to silver ratio of 80:1 was calculated by dividing the Dollar price of gold, currently $2,032 per Troy ounce, by the price of silver, currently $25.41 per ounce.

Gold Silver Ratio Chart

Over long periods of time, the Gold Silver ratio has oscillated between approximate support and resistance levels of 30:1 and 100:1 respectively. View the historical Gold to Silver ratio chart from 1966 to present on TradingView.

When the ratio reached 15:1 in 1968 and 32:1 in 2011, gold was cheap relative to silver. You could also argue that silver was expensive relative to gold. The price of gold went on to outperform silver in relative terms between 1968 and 1991, as well as between April 2011 and March 2020.

Importantly, ratio analysis says nothing about absolute performance. For example, a rising ratio is consistent with i) the price of gold rising faster than silver, and ii) the price of gold falling less than silver, in relative terms. This implies that you should use the gold to silver ratio with caution when making investment decisions.

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