Gold to Dow Ratio Chart

View the current and historical gold to Dow Jones ratio with our live chart from 1897 to present.

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How to Calculate the Gold to Dow Ratio

The Gold to Dow Jones ratio plots the price of gold against the level of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. At the time of writing, the gold to dow ratio of 0.06 was calculated by dividing the Dollar price of gold, around $2,013 per Troy ounce, by the level of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, around 33,105.

Gold to Dow Ratio Chart

Over long periods of time, the ratio has formed wave-like patterns as investors shift their preferences from gold to stocks, and vice versa. View the current and historical Gold to Dow ratio chart on TradingView.

The Gold to Dow ratio reached an all-time-high of 1.01 in January 1980, when the price of gold hit $878, and the Dow Jones was trading in a range. Since, stocks outperformed gold almost uninterruptedly for 2 decades, until August 1999, when the ratio reached an all time low of 0.02. Both the all-time-high and low occurred on an intraday basis, which explains why they aren't apparent on our TradingView chart, which is based on closing prices.

Dow to Gold Ratio Chart

It's also possible to plot the inverse relationship, called Dow Jones to Gold ratio. You may find this chart easier to interpret if you prefer to invest in stocks over gold. This ratio trends upwards when stocks outperform gold. View this chart on TradingView.

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