Meet Stéphane, our founder, CEO and editor-in-chief.


Stéphane Bottine

Founder, CEO and Editor-in-chief

Stéphane (pronounced Stefan) oversees the day-to-day running of the service, including content strategy and creation.

  • Expertise: trading, technical analysis, risk management, corporate finance and macroeconomics.
  • Languages: English and French.
  • Lives in: Dubai, UAE.

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Stéphane started his career as an investment banker in London, with Barclays Capital. There, he structured commercial property loans for 2 years. After the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008, he helped corporates and governments in the Middle East and Africa raise funds. At the time, he was licensed and registered with the UK's Financial Conduct Authority, and is no longer in a role that requires certification.

Stéphane soon left investment banking to pursue his passion, digital marketing. He joined what was, at the time, a small comparison service called, where he led internet marketing campaigns. He then went on to work for an online marketing agency in Sydney and a large tech firm in the San Francisco Bay.

In 2012, Stéphane launched to help traders separate the wheat from the chaff. Our service grew, and as our partner brokers expanded from Forex into a wide range of asset classes, we rebranded from to in 2021.

Stéphane trades Forex, crypto-currencies and stocks in his own time. He also has an interest in technical analysis, fundamental analysis and corporate finance.


Stéphane holds a BSc in Economics from the London School of Economics, as well as an MSc in Management (Accounting and Finance specialisation) from HEC Paris.