Brokers for Experienced Traders

Compare the best brokers for experienced traders, down to the account level. Choose from STP, ECN and DMA brokers with 5 decimal pricing and large trade sizes.

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Best Professional Trading Accounts

Enjoy higher leverage today and negative balance protection with a professional trading account. We've compared the best pro trading accounts [cnt_prefix] [cnt_name], and reviewed their eligibility criteria.

Best Forex VIP Trading Accounts

Compare brokers and CFD providers that reward you for either trading large volumes, or maintaining large cash balances, including TrustedBrokers' "Best VIP Trading Account in [year]".

Best Corporate Forex Trading Accounts

A handful of brokers will allow you to open a Forex trading account in your company's name. We've reviewed their accounts below, and listed the KYC documents they'll need.

Brokers with Automated Trading

Compare Forex brokers who support automated trading strategies on MT4, MT5 and cAlgo [cnt_prefix] [cnt_name].

Best Forex Brokers for Scalping

Compare Forex brokers that actively scalping. Find a Forex trading account that meets your trading preferences whether that's on MT4, cAlgo or JForex.

Best STP Forex Brokers

Compare live Forex trading accounts from STP brokers, including DMA and ECN STP brokers, [cnt_prefix] [cnt_name]. Understand how STP brokers work and what this means for you.

Forex Brokers with Direct Market Access

Compare Forex brokers with Direct Market Access (DMA) [cnt_prefix] [cnt_name]. Trade directly with Tier 1 liquidity providers in the Forex interbank market.

Featured Brokers


Market Execution Account

Trade 55 currency pairs, cryptocurrencies and CFDs on stocks, indices and commodities with market ... More

  • $10 deposit
  • 1:500 leverage
  • 0.7 pips EUR/USD
  • Regulators: Dominica

STP Pro account

Trade on raw spreads plus commissions through the platform. Prices are sourced from top-... More

  • $100 deposit
  • 1:50 leverage
  • 0 pips EUR/USD
  • Regulators: USA