What's the latest promotion for Forex beginners?

I am a Forex beginner, is there any ways to start my Forex career with the lowest risk?


Asked 1378 days ago
Juliette Bino

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open Demo acc, start with lowest volume (use always the same volumes).
go from basics (find it on YouTube) to robots & signals U can find tons over the web.
the moment when U r on profit at least 10% 3 month in row - invest real money & continue trading the way U traded before.
on Demo try new things/strategies, on real acc use only tools U tested BY YOURSELF ONLY, dont believe anyone who sez U "this is the best/fastest/coolest" whatever, all those mega successful traders on web - trust only Ur experience.

Answered 1374 days ago
Boris Petrenko

Hi Juliette, I agree with Boris' earlier post. A demo account is a good way to learn to trade. See our guide to the best Forex demo accounts for things to look out for when choosing a practice account.

You could also turn to copy trading to learn Forex from more experienced users. For example, you can set aside a pool of money to automatically copy other users' trades on eToro. This is another way to learn the ropes.

When you're ready to trade, see our Offers section at the top of this page for an up-to-date list of bonuses and offers.

Best of luck!

Answered 1366 days ago
St├ęphane Bottine

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