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Compare brokers for beginners and more experienced traders alike, whether you have an interest in Forex, shares or commodities.

Trading Platforms

Compare the best MetaTrader 4 and 5 brokers in one place. We've reviewed award-winning regulated brokers, with strong execution and tight spreads.

Brokers for Beginners

If you are just starting to trade Forex or stocks, we suggest you open an account with a broker that accepts small orders, or small deposits. You could also open a PAMM account to fully delegate the management of your account.

ECN Forex Trading

Compare ECN brokers in one place with our guides to ECN commissions, liquidity providers and trading platforms.

Regulated Forex Brokers

Compare Forex brokers regulated in the UK, Europe and abroad.

Account Base Currencies

Compare Forex brokers that allow you to open and fund your account in a range of currencies: AUD, AED, CHF, HKG, KWD, VND, RUB, SAR, SGD, THB.

Share Trading

Understand how to trade shares and indices online without commission. Compare brokers and trading platforms in one place.

Commodity Trading

Understand how to trade gold, silver and commodities. Easily review brokers and CFD providers with our comparison service.

Cryptocurrency Trading

Understand how you can trade Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto-assets through a cryptocurrency exchange or a CFD broker.